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Automatic Transfer Carriages

Transform a pallet truck into a comprehensive battery handling solution with automatic transfer carriages from Solus Group. These heavy-duty battery changers attach to existing pallet trucks, providing a portable, safe, and efficient way to extract and replace forklift batteries anywhere within the facility.

Automatic transfer carriages feature steel construction and a durable powder coating, providing acid-, scratch-, and impact-resistant service. They're built to handle the weight of forklift batteries, as well as the occasional electrolyte spill. Pallet truck batteries provide all the power that automatic transfer carriages require, so there's no need for a separate power source.

The battery bed is lined with 10 durable rollers to reduce friction during side-extraction battery changes. A simple containment bar keeps batteries safely within the compartment during travel, and front-mounted rubber bumpers prevent damage to forklifts during change-outs.

For a complete change-out solution, choose a dual transfer carriage from Solus Group. These units provide space for two forklift batteries within a single compartment, allowing for full battery changes wherever they're needed.

For more information on any automatic transfer carriage models available through Solus Group, click on the products below. Contact our sales staff at 314-696-0200 if you have questions about automatic transfer carriages, or any other battery or material handling equipment from Solus Group.

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