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Battery Acid Spill Response

Battery Spill Kits help contain and neutralize potentially dangerous electrolyte spills in the workplace. Having the appropriate materials on hand means always being prepared to clean up spills and get back to business.

Because lift truck batteries contain electrolyte, there are a number of ways that corrosive material can create a hazard in the warehouse. Overfilling a battery can lead to boil-overs, which are one of the most common causes of battery acid spills. Battery terminals and cases can also accumulate acidic residue over time.

Luckily, Solus Group offers a number of products that absorb and neutralize battery acid. From 1-quart bottles of AcidSafe Liquid to safely wash away and neutralize residue to 20-gallon drums of AcidSorb Granular Sorbent for taking care of larger electrolyte spills, Solus Group has everything you need to respond to a battery room emergency.

Any battery storage system that uses drip pans should consider lining these protective sheets with AcidSorb Pillows.These pads are designed to be placed like tiles in a drip pan. As leaks, spills, and boil-overs drip battery acid into the pan, the AcidSorb Pillows absorb and neutralize the corrosive material, with a clear color change to indicate full neutralization.

Battery Spill Kits combine everything you need to safely contain and clean up an electrolyte spill in a single, easy-access package. Choose from three sizes, or purchase individual products separately to build your own spill kit.

Being prepared for spills allows you to focus on your daily business instead of what could go wrong. Find the safety product that's right for your fleet and click "Add to Cart" to purchase.

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