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Overhead Reel Lifter

ORL lifts, transports, and loads reels into racking.

The Overhead Reel Lifter (ORL) can be used for lifting, transporting, and loading reels into racking when lifting the reel from the bottom is not possible.

A fully loaded reel of electrical cable stored at ground level rarely provides the clearance a typical Reel Handler Attachment requires. In these situations, the Overhead Reel Lifter creates the opportunity to safely lift reels of up to 5,000 pounds from above.

The ORL attaches securely to lift truck forks. A safety chain can attach to the mast or to a fork, adding another level of protection. Beams include keyhole chain-link slots for virtually instant adjustment when working with reels of different sizes.

In between uses, store the ORL’s hooks and chains in an integrated storage tray. This fork attachment has a small footprint to conserve space when not in use, and it provides a vital service when you need to lift a reel that lacks ground clearance.

Features & Benefits

  • Load Capacity: 5,000 lb (2268 kg)
  • Spool Diameter Capacity: up to 59” (1499 mm)
  • Spool Width Range: up to 38” (965 mm)
  • Maximum Load Center: 24” (610 mm) and 32” (813 mm)
  • Maximum Fork Size: 6” (152 mm) wide x 2” (51 mm) thick (at heel)
  • Intended for use with lift trucks of sufficient capacity
  • Safety chain attaches to the mast or fork, secured via slip hook with spring-loaded clasp to ensure engagement
  • Features two load beams to accommodate 24″ (610 mm) and 32″ (813 mm) load centers
  • Each beam has three width positions which are quickly adjustable due to the “keyhole” chain link slots. The span is adjustable to 22″ (559 mm), 28″ (711 mm), 34″ (864 mm) or 40″ (1016 mm) widths
  • Wide throat hooks will accommodate up to 4.25” (108 mm) carrier axles and allow for easy engagement and disengagement
  • Storage area conveniently houses the hook and chain assemblies when not in use


Load Capacity

Spool Diameter Capacity

Spool Width Range

Load Center

Fork Pocket Size

(at heel)

Unit Weight


5,000 lb

2268 kg

Up to 59”

1499 mm

Up to 38”

965 mm


813 mm

6” W x 2” D

152 mm x 51 mm

169 lb

77 kg

California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.