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Traveling Battery Transporters

Traveling battery transporters from Solus Group allow an individual to safely exchange a depleted forklift battery for a fully charged one in most applications. The compact and efficient transporter has everything you need and nothing you don't for an economical solution to battery handling.

Solus Group traveling battery transporters have a track-mounted design and are used in tandem with the 3-inch guide track of your preferred length. Track end stops or track end stops with rubber bumpers are sold separately and ensure that the transporter stays in place on its track.

The removable push bars allow an operator to ergonomically move the transporter into the optimal position for extracting and inserting batteries. Phenolic casters provide low rolling resistance which protects floors and makes situating the transporter effortless.

Battery transporters contain six spark-proof, poly-coated rollers to make transfers safe, smooth, and ergonomic. These transporters were designed with operator safety in mind, and all models comply with OSHA standards. Transporter roller heights come in quarter-inch intervals from 7 to 11 inches.

Traveling battery transporters allow one operator to safely exchange a lift truck battery with minimal downtime. Click "View Details" to learn more about a specific model.

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