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Hardwood Transfer Carts

Hardwood battery transfer carts from Solus Group offer simple, operator-friendly transportation for forklift batteries in gantry crane systems. For transfer carts in side-extraction fleets, see the Solus Group collection of roller transfer carts.

Hardwood transfer carts feature frames made of welded steel with a durable powder coating that resists scratches, impacts, and the corrosive effects of electrolyte. The battery deck is an acid- and scratch-resistant series of plastic lumber planks that simulate the look and feel of real hardwood. These carts can bear loads up to 3,000 pounds, making them effective for handling most forklift batteries on the market.

Phenolic casters with 6-inch wheels make transfer across the floor easy on operators. Two of the wheels swivel for simple steering, while the other two are fixed for smooth travel. Floor locks keep units firmly in place as batteries are loaded on or removed from the deck.

The polyethylene decking won't cause sparks or conduct electricity, so it's the ideal surface for forklift batteries. Hardwood transfer carts are a simple, effective way to get industrial batteries from point A to point B without endangering staff.

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