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Bridge Trolleys

Forklift battery bridge trolleys from Solus Group offer a complete single-user battery changing solution for lighter forklift battery applications. It features two battery beds, one for the spent battery and another for its replacement, within a portable steel frame. Large phenolic wheels and an ergonomic push bar make transport of the unit easy on operators.

An optional guide track helps to keep trolleys on course, while hand pumps control elevation of each battery bed individually. This allows for safe, smooth battery changes even when equipment places battery compartments at different elevations. The compact design of these heavy-duty battery changers saves space between change-outs.

Each battery bed is lined with spark-proof poly-sleeved rollers to assist in battery transfers. These rollers resist the corrosive effects of battery electrolyte and prevent spills from building up on the frame. An acid-resistant powder coating further protects the unit. Steel containment bars keep batteries secure, even during travel. During change-outs, dependable floor locks keep the unit firmly in place.

Bridge trolleys support up to 1,100 pounds in each battery bed, making them ideal for pallet jack batteries and other light picker applications that use side-extraction for changing batteries. To learn more about this unique battery handling solution, click on the products listed below.

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