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Battery Transfer Carriages

For safe, efficient battery handling with a low price tag, choose forklift battery transfer carriages from Solus Group. These steel-constructed battery handling devices are available in any combination of powered and manual service, allowing users to tailor their products to meet unique battery handling requirements.

Battery transfer carriages are vertically adjustable to match virtually any forklift battery compartment. Floor travel is accomplished via large phenolic wheels, which offer a low rolling resistance and won't damage floors. Users control extractor arms with a winch, a hand wheel, or hydraulic power.

Powered models include simple controls that were designed for user comfort. Even manual controls are designed for greater ergonomics, protecting staff from musculoskeletal injuries during battery change-outs.

Every model of battery transfer carriage that Solus Group carries features durable steel construction and an acid-resistant powder coating. Spark-proof poly rollers reduce friction on batteries during transfer, and heavy-duty parking brakes ensure stability during battery changes. Battery transfer carriages from Solus Group offer a low-cost way to handle batteries in side-extraction forklift fleets. Their mobility allows them to complete battery changes anywhere in the facility.

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