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Dumpers & Bins

Bin dumpers (or trash can dumpers or bin lifters) from Solus Group allow staff to ergonomically unload bins without physical strain or risk of injury. These durable powered machines make handling drums, storage bins, and other high-capacity containers easy. Solus Group offers a wide assortment from manual dumpers for low-volume, light-duty applications to the Dumpmaster, which can handle up to 660 pounds. No matter which model you choose, you'll be protecting your staff from injuries and increasing the efficiency of your operation.

Musculoskeletal disorders from lifting heavy loads are a common but avoidable workplace occurrence. Bin dumpers prevent these injuries by lifting heavy containers hydraulically. All bin dumpers come complete with safeguards like controlled lowering and a lift-and-tip motion, which stabilize the machinery during the dumping process. Panels prevent workers from accidentally coming into contact with the lift track.

Bin dumpers don't just protect staff, they also protect containers. By lifting and dumping in a controlled and stable manner, you'll get more life out of bins, drums, and trash cans. Solus Group bin dumpers are built to withstand the elements, whether they're outside or in a warehouse. These long-lasting machines can help make life easier by doing the heavy lifting for you. Click on a product to see details and optional features (like custom chutes and solar panels) or to download our Bin Dumper Catalog, and then click on Request Quote to provide information about your possible bin dumper application and to receive pricing.

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