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Reel Handling

Forklift attachments from Solus Group complete specialized material handling tasks that aren't suited for standard lift truck forks. They bind securely to forks during use and slip off easily when the job is complete.

Solus Group offers two fork attachments designed for handling industrial reels of coiled materials, such as electrical cable, wire, and tubing. With a reel handler attachment or an overhead reel lifter, electrical supply houses can improve productivity by simplifying a common material handling challenge.

Reel handler attachments slip beneath large-scale reels with tapered tines. Remove the front reel stop during loading, then lock it into place in any of five positions. This design allows a single forklift to handle reels of virtually any size. Meanwhile, a fixed rear stop keeps reels secure during the lift.

For reels that lack ground clearance, an overhead reel lifter from Solus Group provides safe and efficient transportation. Wide-throat hooks fasten to carrier axles up to 4.25 inches in diameter. Keyhole slots in the lifting beams accommodate all common reel sizes.

Both models feature a safety chain that attaches to the lift truck mast with a slip hook. A spring-loaded clasp ensures a firm hold. With forklifts that can handle spooled materials, every operation can take advantage of vertical space, storing reels in slots unreachable by other material handling equipment.

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