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Battery Watering Devices

Solus Group's state-of-the-art battery watering equipment helps maintain proper electrolyte levels in forklift batteries. Choose from numerous models depending on the size and needs of your fleet.

Solus Group battery watering tanks and carts come standard with an integrated watering gun. This ergonomic tool fills batteries at the swift but manageable rate of 1.7 gallons per minute. It automatically shuts off when the proper level has been reached, and has no post-shutoff drip.

The watering gun prevents boil overs and dry cells by filling batteries to the optimal level. Best of all, staff members don't have to bend over to use it, which means you avoid accidental splashes and back fatigue.

Solus Group offers a variety of watering tanks and carts to fit the needs of any fleet. Depending on the configuration of your forklift battery room, choose tanks or carts powered by AC, DC, or a simple internal air bladder.

Investing in precise battery-watering equipment keeps your lift truck batteries lasting longer. Boil overs and dry cells lead to poor performance and the eventual need for replacement. Avoid these costly problems with Solus Group's battery watering equipment.

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