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Signage and posting kits from Solus Group help improve workplace safety and efficiency by clearly alerting staff of potential hazards and the location of safety equipment. Effective communication makes warehouses run more smoothly, and Solus Group signage is specially designed to overcome common communication barriers.

Signs have a simple but important job. They must be easily understood by all staff working in a warehouse. This can include people with little knowledge of English or low literacy in general. Large symbols with universal meanings and briefly worded messages help transmit essential information to anyone who views signage from Solus Group.

Dirt and dust can accumulate and obscure even the most effective sign. That's why in a harsh workplace environment like a warehouse, it's important that signs are durable and cleanable. Our signage has laminated surfaces for easy cleaning that keeps signs in their original easy-to-read condition.

All signage comes with double-sided tape affixed to the back and can be screwed into the wall for more permanence. These warning and directional signs help warehouses comply with various fire codes and inform employees of the most important information.

Keep your employees well informed about hazards and safety equipment with signage from Solus Group. Select a kit, choose preferred language, and click "add to Cart" to purchase.

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