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Compartment Roller Trays

Convert a vertical-extraction forklift fleet to side-extraction with battery compartment roller trays from Solus Group. These dependable battery beds slide into existing battery compartments. For tighter compartments, low-profile plate mount roller trays take up a minimal amount of space.

Roller trays from Solus Group are designed to handle the rigors of forklift battery changes. They're made out of steel, and finished with an acid-resistant powder coating. The occasional electrolyte drip won't damage these items, so they're ideal for forklift battery compartments.

Heavy-duty rollers limit friction during battery changes, improving safety and efficiency during this common workplace task. Trays are available with weight capacities up to 1,400 pounds. That's enough for most forklift batteries currently in use.

Roller trays can be tack welded to mount, or dropped in for a more temporary arrangement. They're available in a variety of sizes to integrate smoothly into most forklift fleets. They're a key ingredient in any facility's efforts to convert forklift fleets from overhead to side extraction.

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