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Charger Remote Display

Track the charging status of forklift batteries from afar with charger remote displays from Solus Group. It can be difficult to access battery chargers in every corner of the battery room; charger remote displays can be mounted in any convenient, highly visible area, allowing battery room operators to track battery charges even when they can't see the charger's front panel.

These easy-to-read displays are compatible with virtually any battery voltage, and can even track charge status with multi-voltage chargers. They include a cool-down timer to ensure that batteries have sufficient time to cool before being installed in a forklift.

Charger remote displays are an important part of a battery handling strategy. They ensure that battery room operators only choose batteries that are fully charged and cool, which lengthens forklift working spans to improve overall productivity in busy, multi-shift warehouses.

These displays are easy to install. They only have two wires to connect, and they're ready to go. Those wires are insulated with Teflon, and they'll resist electrolyte splashes or minor impacts for long-term, dependable functionality in the harsh conditions of a forklift battery room.

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